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Build a self-sufficient business and a life worth living using proven systems

REACH Club is a business owner's "toolbox" designed to help you take back control over your business and life. 

  • Understand your finances to find opportunities for growth
  • Master your time to create excellent work-life balance
  • Streamline your business using systems, so it works FOR you.
  • Build and lead the right team, so they are not dependent on you. 
Try it out and with no contracts or strings attached, you are free to cancel at any time.


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What is REACH Club?

Simple & easy to follow programme

As a REACH Club member, you’ll gain access to a tried and tested process that will help you to get control of your business and life back. It can’t be a coincidence that over 95% of my clients had their best year ever in 2020, even with Covid affecting so many things.

  • Structured process following the proven Cycle of Business Success model
  • Over 50 detailed “how to videos” showing you exactly how to implement the strategies
  • Detailed templates, checklists, spreadsheets for you to use immediately
  • Over 15,000 hours of Coaching experience starting back in Jan 2007
  • Access to a private Facebook group where you can get support, guidance, and so much more
  • Discounted invitation to our quarterly planning days where you can mix with like minded people

How it works?

Get the right support you need to move your business forwards and reclaim back your life.

REACH Club is an online business coaching programme created by an Award-Winning Business Coach that will help you build your business so that it works without you, giving you your life back.
Everything is backed by a 100% Bullet Proof Guarantee. If you do the work I ask of you and complete all of the modules, you will get a return on investment guaranteed.

REACH Club is a “business owner’s toolbox”

Designed to help small and medium business owners get their life back!


This programme is unlike any other. It's not just business coaching, it gives you your life back.
With REACH Club, you have on-demand access to the Cycle of Business Success framework, advice and motivation from a business coach whose vision is to give every business owner a business to be proud of and a life worth living.

Everything you need to build your business


Structured pathway

Jas will guide you through the step by step process you need to go through to build your business so it works without you. You can go through this at your own pace, and at a time to suit you.


Don’t worry about having to think about what to do. I have got the exact templates for you to use so you can get to work immediately.

Processes and scripts

Model the best in class customer service, marketing and sales processes, and scripts proven to work for hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses. REACH techniques will give you a strong base for systemising your business operations.

Spreadsheets and checklists

All checklists and spreadsheets are available at your fingerprint to help you control your Time, Money and Team. Every document can be customised for your needs, so you can get the most out of it.    

REACH Club is now only £127/month (£152.40 incl. VAT)


Ready to start working ON your business?



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We started working with Jas two-months before COVID struck – and when most people are thinking about cutting back on expenditure, we knew we were never going to cut back on coaching with Jas. Working with him through this pandemic has transformed us and our business. If you’re seriously thinking about coaching – now is the time to do it.

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REACH Club is for you

if you answer “Yes” to any of these questions:


  • Interested in business coaching but can’t quite afford the investment?
  • Looking for ideas and support but don’t know where to start?
  • Worried about having the time to give to coaching?
  • Unsure if you have what it takes to grow your business?
  • Wanting to create a better work-life balance but don’t know how?
  • Worried about what others will say if they find out you have a business coach?

REACH Club gives you even more benefits

Here are just a few of them


Re-energise yourself- rediscover your passion and drive
Set exciting and inspiring goals- making sure they are achievable
Master your time- do more of what you love
Understand your finances- cash flow, profit and loss
Improve your customer service- not just one time, every time
Move away from price competition- know your worth
Create a marketing plan- practical and functional in the real world
Design systems and processes to streamline the business- and free you up
Build a process for managing and engaging people- get the best from your team
Follow an excellent recruitment process- attract and keep the best talents
Get your life back on track- begin your coaching journey today


REACH Club is now only £127/month (£152.40 incl. VAT)


Ready to start working ON your business?



Start FREE Trial

Have a question to ask? No problem, book a phone call and talk with us directly.


Supportive Community  

Network, collaborate, support.

Joining REACH Club, you will become a member of our private Facebook group made up of like-minded business owners always ready to give you a helping hand.
Collaborate with others, ask for advice, share your success!  Working ON your business is so much easier when you have a support group on your side. 

Hi there!

It’s Jas Darar, your Business Coach

I’ve been coaching since January 2007 and have over 15,000 hours of coaching experience – so you’re in good hands. I’ve taken all of this knowledge and experience and packaged it up in an easy to follow, step-by-step process. Following my Cycle of Business Success model you’ll be able to build your business so that eventually, it works without you and you can finally get your life back on track.

If you would like to talk to our team, book an application call and we will answer all of your questions

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Here's what other's have had to say

about working with me

REACH Club Agenda:

All modules are available for you on-demand. You decide where, when and how long you want to spend on one session. Just do it at your own pace.

  • The Cycle of Business Success - This recording is based on our most successful live event. Get insight into strategies for increasing profits, improving your team and reducing the hours you work.  
  • Positioning Session - Get committed to working ON your business.
  • Wheel Of Life 
  • 5 Year Goals
  • Dream Chart
  • SWOT Analysis
  • 12 Month Goals
  • Mind Mastery
  • Destination Mastery
  • Time Mastery - Time study and super quick time study.
  • Default Diary - The key to time mastery. CEO default diary and other default diary examples.
  • Team Meetings - Meeting agendas and meeting formats with examples for directors, management team, production, chefs and sales.
  • Money Mastery
  • Profit and Loss - Easy to use templates.
  • Money Dashboards - Includes examples for accountants, builders, farmshop, garage, letting agents and printers with monthly monitoring dashboard and job enquiry form template.
  • 13 Week Cashflow - Includes the most reliable detailed template.
  • Margin Analysis
  • ABCD Grading - Discover the power of ABCD grading system.
  • Increasing vs Discounting Prices - The truth about increasing and discounting prices.
  • Cash Gap - What it is and how to control it.
  • Debtors - Includes debt collection process, debt control processes, debtors process and deferred terms flowchart.
  • Delivery Mastery - Learn what are the most effective customer service techniques and how to implement them in your business.
  • 6 Pillars of Customer Experience Excellence
  • Customer Journey Table
  • Customer Service Charter
  • Keys to Great Customer Service
  • Customer Surveys with templates
  • How to WOW Your Customers
  • USP & Guarantee - Bring your value proposition to life.
  • Sales Process - Includes examples and templates.
  • Needs Analysis Process
  • Sales Pipelines - Includes pipeline graphs.
  • 5 Ways - Learn how by improving just a little, your profits will grow immediately.
  • Lead Generation
  • Growing Your Business By Word of Mouth
  • Direct Mailing - Includes letter templates to builders, dentists, jewellers, landscapers, lawyers, plumbers and more.
  • DM Follow Up Script -Includes a secret to successful direct mail campaign.
  • Conversion Rates
  • Transactions
  • Average Value Sales - The magic matrix. 
  • Profit Margins
  • Build Your Effective Marketing Plan
  • The Power Of Leverage
  • Process Flows
  • How-To Manuals - The processes for processes.
  • Checklists - Includes business continuity checklist, reception duties checklist, exhibition checklist, pre-meeting checklist and project checklist.
  • Vision, Mission and Values - Do you know the difference?
  • Organisational Charts - For 3 and 5 years.
  • Roles & Responsibilities - A ready-to-use list of roles and responsibilities with examples for directors, CEO, COO, CTO, accountants firm team members, engineering company team members and much more.
  • KPIs - With examples for accountants, directors, contractor managers, finance controllers, sales & marketing teams, office managers and more.
  • 1-2-1s - How to run a successful 1-2-1 team meeting with a ready-to-use template.
  • Performance Management - Your formal performance improvement plan.
  • Reward & Recognition Scheme
  • Recruitment Processes - How to find the right team. Includes processes for job adverts, the most effective recruitment process, email and interview scripts, checklists, exercises and more.
  • DISC Behavioural Styles
  • Induction - Recruitment and new employee induction processes.
  • Communication and Leadership - Team relationships and top tips 10 on leadership.

12/24/2020 23:59:59


Everything I do, is backed by my

100% Bullet Proof Guarantee

  • 100% guarantee on investment
  • No contract
  • No minimum terms
  • If you do the work, you’ll get a return on investment on your net profit, guaranteed.
  • No risk

I know what it takes to be successful. I’ve coached thousands of business owners to build their business and grow it. I’ve done it in a way that has given them a good quality lifestyle with their family. By joining REACH Club, I can do the same for you.

Your investment

A great opportunity for action-takers


A 1-2-1 business coaching client would invest upwards of £35K to access these same materials. Following my Cycle of Business Success model, you will be able to build, grow and even enjoy your business, and finally get your life back.


I am confident in REACH Club, so much so that I am offering you a 100% money back guarantee if you do not get results.


REACH Club is now only £127/month (£152.40 incl. VAT)


Sign up today to start working ON your business now.



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“ Since working with Jas, my turnover has increased from £177,000 to £250,000 in just over two years. We're on target to boost this to £450,000 for 2020. “

  • Aaron Wardle
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“ Working with Jas, we've focused on increasing fee income, reducing costs, improving profit and setting ourselves achievable and realistic financial goals for the future of the business - to the benefit of our staff, ourselves and our families.“

  • Kathryn Hicklin
    Partner and Senior Solicitor
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“ Our turnover has gone from £600,000 to £1.5 million and our profit has more than tripled in the three years we've been working with Jas. “

  • Andy Wroot
    Managing Director
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“ Our turnover was £85,000 when we started working with Jas. By using his business techniques, we tripled it to £280,000 in two years. “

  • Katy Broadhead
    Business Manager
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“ Our gross profit margin has increased by over 10% in two years - which is very good for a retail business. “

  • James Pike
    Managing Director
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“ I had a business that was very small and I wanted to know how to grow that business. Working with Jas for over 10 years now, I've  increased my business turnover from £70,000 to £14 million per year. I have also opened two further businesses. “

  • UCR Consultants Ltd.
    Managing Director
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